Our Commitments: Rigor, Availability and Humanity

Nos engagementsThe cases in which we intervene not only raise legal problems but, more importantly, involve human issues. Recognizing this, our law office is sensitive to the respect of a certain number of principles and values ​​that guide our daily work and allow harmonious relationships with our clients.

Listening and Availability

Our clients often face difficult and urgent problems, sometimes distressing. Even if the life of a lawyer is full of many constraints and obligations, we are committed to responding as quickly as possible to phone messages, letters, emails or faxes of our clients.

Trust and Confidentiality

The relationship between a lawyer and his/her client can only work if it is built on trust. Obviously, trust is worth it. Our office favours a personalized approach with each of its clients by informing them regularly of the progress of their case. Moreover, in accordance with our ethical obligations, we guarantee the confidentiality of the exchanges during and after the end of our mission.

Rigor and Performance

The law office is totally dedicated to its clients and is always 100% involved in each of its cases. We always favour the solution that is both the most satisfactory and the least costly for our clients by using, where possible, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or negotiation.

Creativity and Pragmatism

When we treat a case, we always approach it from several angles: legal, but also financial, social and human. We do not hesitate to think outside the box to achieve the goals set by our clients.


Humanity is an essential principle of the legal profession to which our law office is particularly attached. In all our cases, we favour the most human approach possible allowing us to better understand the problems and expectations of our clients.