Transparency, flexibility and moderation are the three pillars of our Law Office billing policy.


During the first appointment, our Law Office and the client agree on the amount of the fees to be provided or a range of amounts (taking into account the vagaries the procedure), depending on the client’s needs, the nature of the file and the strategy adopted. Thus, regardless of the area of intervention, our Office informs the client beforehand of the terms of its remuneration and sets the billing procedure in consultation with him/her, and in accordance with the legal, regulatory and ethical provisions governing our profession.

The Law Office and the client enter into a written fee agreement.


Our Office favors a personalized and long-term relationship with its clients, adapting to their needs and requests.

Thus, for clients requiring only one-time assistance, the Office offers them a consultation during which their questions will be answered.

For more complex or longer-term cases, the Office and the client will determine the most appropriate form of fee agreement in relation to the due diligence required.

Several fee agreements exist depending on the type of file:

A flat fee billing;

An hourly billing;

An additional fee determined according to the result (partial contingency fees );

A subscription agreement (monthly or annual).

The fees of our Law Office are subject to the T.V.A. (tax) of 20%.

Depending on the nature of the file, our Law Office may request the payment of provisions.


Our Law Office always favors a human approach to the client’ issues  and adapts as much as possible to the reality of its clients. Thus, when the Office determines its remuneration, it takes into account not only the nature and the difficulty of the file, but also the financial situation of its client and the stake of the file for the latter.

We specify that the fees can be paid in several monthly installments, taking into account the particular situation of the client.

The consultation fee – for the initial consultation (about one hour) – is from 180 euros to 250 euros for individuals and 180 euros to 400 euros for businesses.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us